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Ski school

Ski service PLOC is a member of Association of ski schools

Training can proceed

  • individually (privatly)
  • in small groups – max 10-12 people

Trainings are carried out by professional instructors who speak - English, German or Russian.
Main training is from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. and from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., or individually upon request

Training split:

  • Clients can take part in courses for beginners, improvers and advanced
  • We will teach you different techniques: downhill skiing, cross country skiing, telemark, carving and snowboarding
  • We offer snowblades rides for groups of adults
  • We also offer full-day cross country skiing or snow-shoes trips.
  • we use many special tools to spice up your training
  • Each client receives a diploma after having completed the training

Place of training:

    we offer our own ski school for beginners and improvers 2 private ski lifts, where there is enough place even in the main season.
    Other trainings are carried out in Certova Mountain where there are among others two 4-seater lifts.
    All lifts are situated nearby ski school by chair lift.

We throw an APRÉS'SKI party at the end of the training.

    It is an evening feast on skis and other devices you can ride or slide on. Slalom race and other attractions is part of the event.

Discounts for groups!!!

Clients can store their skis during the training in our ski school building.

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